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Phoenix Airport Parking

Phoenix Airport Parking


So, you have a vacation coming up and plan on flying out of Skyharbor Airport in downtown Phoenix? That’s great! Skyharbor Airport is one of the simplest airports to navigate around in the country. Even in a post 9-11 world getting from curbside to waiting at you gate commonly takes less than an hour* and doesn’t involve walking marathon distances like many airports. If you have your tickets already then the next question you have to settle is how you plan on getting to you airport.


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The three big options are:


  1. Sucker a friend into dropping you off (can’t say enough good about this option. If you’re friends are cheap you may get out of it with just the price of a six pack when you get back.
  2. Pay a taxi. Remember, you must pay the taxi to both drop you off and pick you up when you get back. This can easily cost more than $130 depending on where you live in the valley.
  3. Become acquainted with Phoenix Airport Parking!


We’re going to assume that since you are on our page about Airport Parking that you are most interested in the third option.


There are many companies that offer airport parking for people that are flying out of Skyharbor Airport. The standard company will have a large paved lot between 1-3 miles from the airport with both shaded and non-shaded parking spaces. You will drive your car into the gated and 24 hour monitored lot where you will be given a tag with your entrance date and time. You will then find a parking space and the parking company will put you on a shuttle bus that will drop you off at your gate. Most shuttles run every 15 minutes. When you get back from your trip you will meet the shuttle at a pre arranged location and they will drop you off at your car. You will then pay for the parking as you leave the property. Like we said above, this is the standard practice. Check with individual companies to make sure that they offer all of these options.


The prices for airport parking typically run from $5-$15 per day, depending on the lot you choose, the size of your vehicle, whether your space is shaded and how many days you stay.  Naturally parking at the actual airport parking garage will cost you more, up to $25 per day. We recommend you use a company that is not affiliated with Skyharbor. It will be much cheaper and their shuttle bus will take you exactly where you need to go.


Phoenix Airport Parking Coupons

Below is a list of Phoenix Airport Parking companies. Feel free to click on any of the companies to be taken to an individual page with more information about them. Also, if you are looking for Phoenix Airport Parking Coupons be sure to visit our page.


*In spite of Skyharbor being efficient, at we still recommend that you plan ahead and get to the airport plenty early. During the busier times, and when things get backed up, an hour may not cut it.


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