Arizona Cardinals Short Week Results

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Short week results


I decided to hold off on doing an article after last week’s victory over the Miami Dolphins and wait until the game was complete on Thursday against the St. Louis Rams. I probably would have been better off doing an article after the Dolphins game because I was a much better mood than I am after the Rams game.


The overtime win against the Dolphins was one of the most exciting games of the season so far but the Cardinals had very little time to celebrate much less prepare for the Rams game on Thursday night. This could have been responsible for the Cardinals play against the Rams. The defense on their heels right away and the offense never got going.


To make matters worse we experienced some key injuries at running back Ryan Williams against the Rams which made the running game even more difficult. But the one constant that seems to be emerging from one week to the next is the lack of blocking from our offensive line, in particular our offensive tackles. These guys who shall remain nameless for the sakes of their family, have yet to do a job on any defensive end they matched up against so far this season.


I never thought I would say I would miss Levi Brown but I do believe Levi would do a better job than either one of these current players at the offensive tackle position. Jeremy Bridges is out for the season with an injury which complicates things even more. So right now the Cardinals are facing the proverbial rock and hard place because even the St. Louis Rams figured out how to beat the Cardinals.  The only option we truly have is to continue to work with the players that we have because to go out and sign an unsigned veteran makes it difficult because they are not familiar with the offense. But then again the way our tackles are playing it doesn’t appear that they’re not familiar with it either.


So the Cardinals register their first loss of the season in St. Louis, which in my view was still a winnable game. So now we have a few extra days to get ready for the Buffalo Bills to come to town and play on the 14th. We have about 10 days to fix this thing because we are approaching the toughest part of the season and we’ve got very little time to screw around.


Offensive line aside, I’m having a serious problem with the play calling on the part of the offensive coordinator. It’s been my experience when defenses speed rush the quarterback because they recognize that they’re not being blocked, it would behoove the offense to run some counter plays such as a draw or a screen pass. I think the Cardinals ran three of those against the Rams in all three were successful so why not do it more?


I’m not going to get down on the Cardinals and the like so many so-called Cardinal fans and jump ship just because of one game. Fans are a very fickle bunch and their loyalty from week to week seems to wane. Just as the Cardinals are learning to be a force in the NFL, the Arizona fans must need and learn to stick with their team through thick and thin.


It’s been a great first five weeks of the season and I look forward to the next five. The next five games should definitely determine where we end up this season. We are playing some very tough teams especially on the road and we would be doing famously well if we end up four and one over the next five games.


Hang in there Cardinal fans, Coach Wiz will right the ship and push his team into the playoffs. And for those certain St. Louis Rams players they chose to cheap shot throughout the game, paybacks coming.



Let me know what you think of the game were my article by leaving a comment below. I appreciate your support.



     October 9, 2012

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