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From the Cheap SeatsAugust 2, 2012


From the Cheap Seats

Arizona Cardinals –

Getting ready for the Hall of Fame game



The Arizona Cardinals will be departing for Ohio to play in this year’s Hall of Fame game against the New Orleans Saints. After a fairly productive Cardinals camp up in Flagstaff the team will be heading down the hill to head out for the first preseason game.


The report overall from Cards Camp has been very positive and everyone is commenting about the quarterback battle for the starting position between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. This has been beat to death in the media both on talk radio and on TV but I’m not add to that mix. I want to throw in another name into the quarterback talk. My pick for the future quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals will be rookie Ryan Lindley from San Diego State University. Wearing no that he has no chance of starting the season, I personally believe that he is the future quarterback for the Cardinals. Let me explain why.


First off let’s start with Kevin Kolb.  Where I was in favor of the Cardinals signing him last off-season Kevin still has several question marks, the biggest of which is his concussion problem. Needless to say that one good hit could end his career and this would be a tragedy. For this reason alone I don’t feel comfortable with Kolb as our go to quarterback. Time will tell if I’m right I certainly hope that he stays healthy and I would hate to see a player, especially young man like him become injured and possibly damaged for life.


This brings us to John Skelton. Where all the talk last year was how Skelton led this team to six wins and one loss. Personally I think a lot of fans give Skelton too much credit because of the extraordinary work of Patrick Peterson and Calais Campbell. Without those two John Skelton’s record would read more like three wins and four losses were even two wins and five losses. Those numbers wouldn’t be fueling the quarterback controversy like it is. We’re Skelton has proven that he has the tools to succeed my main concern with him is his experience level. John was only a one-year starter in college at Fordham University, not exactly a football power. With only one year of starting experience Skelton lacks the hands-on experience of what exactly to do as a quarterback and what those responsibilities are. Last year when Skelton got in trouble he was slow in his check downs and at times wouldn’t even look at all of his receivers. One play in particular Skelton locked in on Andre Roberts and never once even looked at Larry Fitzgerald who is one of the best wide receivers on the planet. That type of experience can mean trouble because this team will succeed or fail on the shoulders of Larry Fitzgerald and not Andre Roberts. But again Skelton is young and can learn the system and acquire more experience as he goes.


But my choice for quarterback is Ryan Lindley. Lindley was a four-year starter at San Diego State University in a high-powered passing attack. Lindley has good size at 6 foot four and has a cannon for an arm, unlike those tangibles in a quarterback. Many of the fundamentals that a quarterback needs to understand come from starting during those years in college. Given enough time I think Lindley will rise up the depth charts and will work his way into a starting position with the Cardinals.


I’ll be the first to admit that this could be a stretch but I just got this gut feeling about Lindley.  We’ll see soon enough and I expect to see a lot of him during the Hall of Fame game on Sunday. One can only hope that the Saints have learned their lesson and not set a bounty on any of the Cardinals players but you can bet that the Commissioner will be watching the game closely.  All I want is a Cardinal win and every one return healthy.


Let’s go Cardinals!



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