Arizona Diamondbacks – Finally, The End

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Arizona Diamondbacks – Finally, The End


The 2012 baseball season has finally and mercifully come to an end for the Arizona Diamondbacks and in this writer’s opinion, not a moment too soon. The Diamondbacks closed out the year against the Colorado Rockies in unspectacular fashion, pretty much the way they played all season. At times look fantastic and other times incredibly bad ultimately finishing at .500 for the season.


My personal opinion is that any team that finishes at .500 means that they are average and that pretty much sums up the Diamondbacks for this season. Gone is all the hype we had during spring training that the division is ours for the taking and we would return to the playoffs and finished the job that we started last year and get to the World Series. But now that the season is finally closed out it appears that we have a lot of unanswered questions for next year.


The season wasn’t disappointing enough, it just couldn’t have ended without some sort of additional comments from the managing partner Ken Kendrick’s. For those that may not remember, Kendricks called out Justin Upton and Stephen Drew earlier in the season and thinking that that set some sort of fire underneath those players, in reality it didn’t. Upton experienced a little improvement in his batting average and then drop back down to his unspectacular normal batting average. And calling out Drew didn’t have the effect they were looking for either, where Drew hit the ball hard it was generally at the players and he appeared to struggle. The good news for Drew is that he is currently on the Oakland A’s and they won their division thanks to his help and they are now in the playoffs while the Diamondbacks are sitting at home watching it on their TV’s.

But obviously Kendricks hasn’t learned anything and has recently made it a point to go after Trevor Bauer, the Diamondbacks number one draft pick and up-and-coming pitcher. Kendricks criticized his workout regimen and game day preparation only to be followed up with insults in regards to his age and having to grow up. First of all, to me, Kendricks doesn’t appear to have ever played any sport that didn’t have some sort of controller attached to a gaming device. Where Kendricks may love the game of baseball, his only real encounter with the game has been his collection of baseball cards. To me that’s what separates the men from the boys, where some people read about it and others actually participate in it.


I’m just hoping that Kendrick’s latest criticism of one of his players doesn’t have the same effect as it did on Upton and Drew.  I could understand it if Kendricks had a detailed resume highlighting his professional baseball experience, but he has none. All he really has the checkbook and that may buy him the right to chime in, it still lacks effectiveness as a motivator for his players.


Mr. Kendrick’s please, as a fan of the Diamondbacks myself, let the baseball people deal with baseball players and you stick to trying to figure out who we can afford to bring in to make this team better. What makes me laugh through all of this is the criticism that Bauer has received with his pregame regimen to loosen up the various muscles and joints needed to play this game. These were not some goofy grade school calisthenics; these are scientifically designed exercises to prepare a body for the professional sport of baseball. They are designed to lessen the impact of throwing a ball can have on the shoulder and arm by developing specific muscles. Baseball is our beloved pastime but unless athletes approach this as their career and do what they can to stay in the game as long as possible, they will wither away and retire far ahead of their time. Do we need to bring up the legends such as Sandy Koufax who was forced to end his career earlier than necessary because of the impact pitching hand on his arm? How many pitchers must sacrifice a year of their careers because of Tommy John surgery? So this is how you respond to a young man trying to keep his body at optimum performance levels? Making fun of him? Just because coaches had long careers in baseball and they have a head full of gray hair doesn’t make them an expert on the science of throwing a baseball either, that falls under teaching an old dog new tricks. It is well documented that baseball is filled with old-school players that call themselves purists of the game and embracing new breakthroughs seems to be difficult for many of them. Case in point, the designated hitter, they still can’t even agree about that and whether a pitcher should bat or have someone else do it for him.


Kendricks is beginning to get on my nerves with his comments about the team and the players. Owners own, coaches coach and players play and they should never step outside of those bounds. Do we really need a Jerry Jones of Dallas in the Valley of the Sun? I don’t want to see it myself I don’t think it’s good for the game and I don’t think it’s good for the players. Granted his checkbook may give him the right but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. So after a genuinely disappointing season, please Mr. Kendrick stick to what you do best, writing checks.


Please leave a comment below regarding this article, I’d like to get your feedback on what you think. And once again I thank you for your continued support.



     October 10, 2012

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