Phoenix Coyotes – The War Begins

September 24, 2012


From the Cheap Seats –

Phoenix Coyotes – The War Begins


An official notice has been sent out by the National Hockey League stating that the NHL has canceled all of the preseason games for September. What a shock! They have not mentioned what their intent is for October nor have they mentioned if they are any closer to resolving the lockout.


But at this point, I am done with NHL hockey. I touched on this in a previous issue about the impact that the last lockout had on me and how it’s going to affect the future.


Everything that I had written still remains intact that I will no longer be a hockey fan. My question with this article will be short and sweet and I would love to get input from those readers that I have regarding how they feel about the lockout. My opinion is this that I am done with being a pawn in the negotiation process of professional athletes. The players association uses the season and loss of games as leverage against the owners because they know that the fans are angry and that the owners cannot afford to lose the business.


But like I said hockey fans, how do you feel about this? Are you willing to be used as a pawn in the negotiation process so that players who make a lot more money than us can play a game for a living? Is there anyone else like me that feels the way I do? I am tired of seeing professional athletes who make millions of dollars playing a game and then pleading poverty and how tough they have it.


Hockey fans, I say STRIKE! You heard me, STRIKE! When will fans realize that we carry the greatest leverage over both players and owners?  When will the fans quit getting led around like a puppy chasing a treat by owners and players because of some blind faithfulness to a game? Players and owners count on fans ignorance and willingness to forgive and forget all for the sake of entertainment. This fact makes me want to puke. The play us like suckers and rely on us to turn the other cheek and go back to the same old thing yielding the same old results.


I for one and done with that act Phoenix fans, I’m done.  What I would love to see is the sports talk media in each city where they have an NHL team band together and promote a lockout of our own. Like all lockouts, they all come to an end but just once I would love to see the fans respond in unity. What I envision in my mind eye is opening day in the NHL after all their problems have supposedly been worked out and just when they’re about to drop the puck, all across the nation, fans in a united front all stand up and walk out of the arena. Every fan, every man, woman and child get up and walk out of the stadium, get in their cars and go home. They don’t buy one tub of popcorn, not one cold beer, not one cold soda.  They walk past the Pro shop and not buy any T-shirts, jerseys, key chains or even a bumper sticker.

All that would remain is the echo in an empty stadium of the players playing the game that we all used to play for free. Wouldn’t that make a bold statement to owners and players? Who’s got the brass to pull that off?


Now THERE’s a question.


Let me know what you think hockey fans by leaving a comment below or are you going to continue to be like all the rest is a sheep that pile into a stadium and swallow whatever crumbs owners and players throw your way?


I appreciate your continued support!



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