Phoenix Suns – Come in off the ledge

August 12, 2012


From the Cheap Seats

Phoenix Suns – Come in off the ledge


OK, I couldn’t wait to address this newest report from the NBA that Dwight Howard has been traded to the Lakers.  Granted that all the Lakers fans found a new level of obnoxious but continue to turn a deaf ear to it and I’ll explain why.


First off, let’s look at the trade itself. Most people see a dominant center coming to the Lakers to team up with Kobe, Nash and Gasol. All I see is a center with a bad back teaming up with Steve Nash with his bad back.  And none of these factors will pry the ball from Kobe’s hands.  No this move really doesn’t change things much.


Giving up Bynum who’s younger, there was only about 2 points more per game with Howard in scoring; the Lakers pick up about 4 more rebounds per game and about 2 blocked shots.  So when you look at it from a stats standpoint, there really wasn’t a lot of difference between Howard and Bynum.  Howard does bring his 49% free throw shooting to the Lakers so when crunch time comes, foul him and send him to the line.  The stat difference between the two centers is also tweaked because Howard was playing in the Eastern Conference which has always been nothing more than an over-paid college conference.  The real players are still in the west and Howard will find himself neck deep in tougher competition.


But most of all Suns fans, next year is a mulligan for the Suns. Nobody expects this team to do well given the new roster and new direction of the team.  The Suns will not begin to impact the West until the summer of 2013 when we cash in on 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks. THEN Suns fans get ready to storm the Western Conference once again.  Kobe and Nash will be another year older and getting ready for retirement while the Suns reload for another run.  All the Lakers have done is pick up an expensive maybe and really haven’t shifted any sort of power their way.  They will still be second billing to the Clippers in LA and still have no answer for OKC.


The Suns over the past 2 years have made it easy for us to ignore LA fans so next year won’t be any different.  Worst case scenario, we make a run further than what we thought they’d do so it’s only a plus for us regardless.  But either way, don’t sweat this Laker thing, just think, all these Laker fans are all fired up thinking it’s going to be a lock for a championship next year and we get the pleasure of seeing them fall short again.  And won’t we all feel bad for those Laker fans? Won’t we?

Meanwhile, the Suns did sign Jermaine O’Neal to a contract which isn’t too bad of a thing either.  I’d rather have him coming off the bench than Robin Lopez and can start when pressed into action.  I think this was a decent signing and the Suns ownership continues to surprise me with their offseason moves.  We’ll see what happens soon enough.


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