Phoenix Suns – “It’s a New Day”

August 3, 2012


From the Cheap Seats

Phoenix Suns – “It’s a New Day”


Well the dust has settled around the Valley of the Sun, most of the Steve Nash jerseys have been burnt, Nash fans are now deep into their therapy to move on with life with Steve Nash as a Laker.  But it’s a new day and believe it or not, the Suns do look like they have an actual plan for the future.


Just a few short weeks ago, you could not have convinced me that they did but the Nash move that brought 4 picks to the Suns was just the first step.  They went on to draft one of the top point guards coming out of college in Kendall Marshall out of Kentucky.  Watching him play in the summer league left more questions than answers but that’s par for the course with rookies.


The Suns continued to hack away at their roster from last year by dealing Hakeem Warrick and Robin Lopez and receiving Wes Johnson and a first round pick from the T-wolves.  This was another outstanding move getting a good player and what should be a high first round draft pick in 2013, but this also gets the Suns out from under 2 good sized contracts on 2 marginal players at best.


Since the Suns lost out on point guard Ben Gordon, the Suns resigned Shannon Brown, which I was happy about.  I think this young man took some major strides last year and is learning to use his strengths and fine tune his game based on that.  God knows he didn’t get much of that in LA because the Lakers are all about centering everything around Kobe Bryant.  Brown was going nowhere in LA considering he was playing Kobe’s position. Shannon learned last year that his 3 point shooting is just one facet of the game and used his strength, speed and leaping ability to take the ball strongly to the hoop.


The addition of Beasley, Scola and Dragic to the fold wasn’t too bad of a move either.  It gives the Suns the needed size and strength they’ve lacked and added some defense and toughness.


The Suns summer league team looked average at best and didn’t really have anyone on the squad that was turning heads.  There were very few rookies and most players were retreads from other teams or Euro ball.  But that’s ok, I didn’t expect much from this summer but next year will produce even more direction for the Suns.


I hope to talk a few Nash fans in off the ledge and take a look at what the Suns are doing and where we can be in a couple of years.  Somehow, someway, the Suns got themselves out of almost a hopeless situation for the future and have maneuvered themselves to go with a youth movement.

Like I said before, I just didn’t think the Suns had it in them to do this, so I offer up an apology to the Suns organization for a job well done so far.  We’re not where we want to be but we have certainly taken the right steps to position ourselves as a franchise for the future.  I hate to admit I’m wrong but have no problem admitting I was mistaken!


Good move so far, Mr. Sarver, I truly didn’t think you had it in ya and it looked like you were going to cut bait on this team.  But you’ve done a great job so far bringing in the people you needed to get this ship pointed in the right direction.  There was one thing that has stuck in my mind through this, it was something Jerry Colangelo said when he sold the team to Sarver and his crew, was that he felt that Robert Sarver cared about Phoenix and would work hard at maintaining the level of excellence the Suns were known for (paraphrased).


So hang in there Suns fans, I think we’re moving in the right direction again but that’s just my view From the Cheap Seats!


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