Special Edition – Landmark Cardinal Victory


September 17, 2012


From the Cheap Seats –

Special Edition – Landmark Cardinal Victory


Leading up to the Patriots game this last Sunday, I think it’s safe to say there was not one football expert that was picking the Cardinals to win. Not even the local yokels in the Phoenix sports press were picking the Cardinals. After all, the Cardinals were facing Tom Brady and his team of Superman. Thank God that the Cardinals decided to go with their road uniforms laced with kryptonite.


Aside from writing articles for Phoenix.org, I am an active member in various social media circles that support the Arizona Cardinals. But amongst the circles the Cardinal faithful were still calling for a Cardinal win in New England. Making those sort of statements brought out all the Boston faithful to bombard our tiny sites with the typical rhetoric that we’re used to coming from Boston fans. We take it with a grain of salt because it’s not the first time we’ve heard it plus it’s a given that we just assume that most of these guys are drunk because most are stuck living in that sphincter of the region.


Even right up to gametime, the knuckleheads on TV, such as Warren Sapp, predicted that Tom Brady would pass for over 500 yards against the Cardinals. Given Warren was a former pro, his objectivity has been skewed, probably by leftover barbecue sauce from his other failed venture of being the judge on TV for some barbecue cook-off competition. Where I realize his playing days are over, it appears his objectivity and having a pulse for the game was replaced by his outlandish predictions for the Cardinals game.


It seems like Tom Brady must’ve heard Warren Sapp’s prediction and decided to go for it with his very first pass, the ball was tipped and intercepted with a spectacular grab by Patrick Peterson. That very play set the tone for the entire game and the Cardinals never relented for a single moment.  The victories that the Cardinals had in the playoffs in 2008 were huge victories but this one seemed to top them all because nobody and I mean nobody in the press was giving the Cardinals a chance at winning that game in New England.


Again I’m not going to quote stats from the game but there’s a lot to be said about karma or reaping what you sow. But I’m telling you this, there is something special about this team. I don’t know whether it will surface this season or not but after the win Sunday I’m believing it will. But the Cardinals have ignited this fan base in the greater Phoenix area and around the country like never before. In those various social media sites I spoke of, we have also received comments and support from Cardinal fans around the country. Cardinal fans are sporting Cardinals jerseys like never before and they’re wearing them with pride.


Arizona has taken some lumps in the national media because of our Sheriff Joe and his political stands on various issues. But I’m here to tell you that the Arizona Cardinals fan base, which consists of multiple nationalities have all united together to support this team. As we encourage each other and watch the games together we don’t watch games divided but it’s Whites, Latinos, African-Americans, Asians, men, women and children all coming together to support Cardinal Nation.


It’s a great thing to see come together. I’m watching people come together like never before to celebrate our wins and console her losses but were doing it as a community and we accept outsiders too.  My nephew David was born and raised a New England fan but has begun to understand and catch that fire that is building here in the desert.  Having abandoned my Chicago heritage, I know exactly how he’s feeling and the heat that he may be getting from other friends. But his eyes are opening and he’s beginning to live the excitement of being an Arizona Cardinals fan.  I’m proud to be David thing in their bud!!


But most of all I’ve met some great people and we don’t view things from a nationality standpoint but a football standpoint and we support the Cardinals. To my Facebook friends such as Red Rage, Capt. Cardinal, RMX, the Bird Gang, Cards Corner and the Poonster and his sons, and to all the Cardinals Beauties, I just wanted to let you know publicly what a pleasure it’s been to get to know you and it’s an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to cheer for our team. Like I said, Arizona has taken its lumps in the media but there’s not a place in the world had rather be than right here in Phoenix Arizona.


Go Cardinal Nation!!!



     September 18, 2012

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