The Phoenix Suns – Steady as she goes

September 1st, 2012


From the Cheap Seats

The Phoenix Suns – Steady as she goes


We’re approaching my favorite time of the year where we have football, baseball and basketball all going at the same time.  The activity at US Airways Arena and the Phoenix Suns has stabilized once all the dust has settled on the changes that the franchise has taken on.


Suns fans have had to endure losing Steve Nash, they’ve seen him sign with the Lakers and then to see Dwight Howard signed with the Lakers as well. The Laker fans are preparing to celebrate another championship, some are probably practicing setting cars on fire but that’s a whole ‘nother article.


I wanted to take this opportunity of From the Cheap Seats to give a tip of the hat to the Suns organization for making the decisions they’ve made during this off-season. We faced a dilemma here in Phoenix that we had rarely seen in prior years. That dilemma was the Phoenix Suns not being competitive and appearing not to have much of a future. It began by losing Amare Stoudemire to free agency three years ago. I for one was very upset that the Suns didn’t trade Amare and get some good players to build around for the team’s future. Instead the GM at the time, Steve Kerr somehow believed the Suns were going to re-sign him, obviously that didn’t happen.


Then we face the same dilemma with losing Steve Nash and it appeared that we are going to hang onto him for another season and tie up valuable cap space in the process. The Suns over the past two years have done nothing but get older and worse. This is difficult for Suns fan to accept because even though we have not won a world championship the Suns winning percentage has been in the top five in the NBA for a long time.


So Robert Sarver and his group had to face facts on whether to keep Nash and be popular with the fans or to cut our losses and rebuild for the future. Decisions like that cannot come easy for an owner because you never really know what the ramifications will be from the fan base. But Mr. Sarver made that decision to deal Steve Nash and picked up four draft picks at the same time. They then made a few additional deals and picked up another number one draft pick and sign some solid players for the team. These players aren’t flashy and they are not players in the limelight but they are good players.

It’s difficult to determine where the Suns will finish at the end of the season, most experts have them missing the playoffs again but at least now even the experts, will see that the Suns have a solid future in front of them.


I know that letting Nash go has upset a lot of fans but let’s not turn our back on the franchise because of one player. Let’s stand with this ownership and pull for this team and let the season unfold and show these new players thatPhoenixfans support their teams. I realize there were going to have to face a lot of smack talk from Laker fans for another season but that’s okay. Because once Nash and Bryant retire within the next couple years the Phoenix Suns will be hitting their stride with their new players and their new draft picks. If we do things correctly the Phoenix Suns are going to be a force in the Western Conference once again and will regain that feeling of knocking the Lakers out of the playoffs again.


When it comes to the NBA, there’s no greater feeling than that.


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     September 3, 2012

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