The Phoenix Suns – The Preseason is Here

From the cheap seats –

The Phoenix Suns – The preseason is here


The preseason for the NBA is upon us and with the current success of the Arizona Cardinals and the mass exodus of former Suns players, the Phoenix Suns are almost sneaking into this season without much fanfare. Yet to come is the fans reaction to watching the Phoenix Suns play without Steve Nash and Grant Hill. Where I don’t think it will be that drastic overreaction, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of excitement regarding the Suns.


The Suns organization continues to add additional people into the mix in the front office by bringing in Hall of Famer Ralph Sampson as the assistant coordinator in the Suns player development department. All I know is that they better have high ceilings in the office considering Sampson 7 foot 4.


The team has also invited former Arizona State star Ike Diogu.  This move was made to replace recovering forward Channing Frye as he continues to recover from having an enlarged heart. Diogu’s NBA history has been less than impressive, he does bring physical play to the team as well as the Suns evolve from the 7 second or less team to a more defense oriented team.


I would like to say that I am one that is excited for the season but right now I’m not one of them. As I’ve stated before, I am not one that was angry to see Steve Nash leave, I felt it was necessary to finally get some new direction for this team. With this current roster of players it is difficult to say what exactly the Suns will do this season. Some experts are saying that a .500 season is realistic, with the NBA we just never know what can happen. The NBA is not good sound basketball, it’s more of a highlight reel of overpaid And1 players and fundamentals seem to be of secondary interest.


So if the team like the Phoenix Suns could put together a group that is fundamentally sound and concentrates on playing within their abilities, the Suns could possibly make it to the playoffs. All this remains to be seen in my opinion, I’ll have a much better grasp on what the Suns will do after about two months of play. The NBA has turned into a star based sport where two or three major players play one-on-one basketball and the others fall into the cracks and try and stay out of the way and maybe contribute a little.


This is where I feel that the Phoenix Suns can excel because there aren’t a lot of egos on this team to deal with. We do have a good core of players that hustle, play hard, play solid defense and play within their God-given abilities. They are not the type of team to stand around watching a superstar decide when he wants to shoot and when he wants to pass. So we’ll see if we have what it takes to compete but I will not be overly critical of the Suns this season because what they are endeavoring to do is massive and will generally take more than one year to complete.


With the draft picks that we have set up for next season the Phoenix Suns stand an excellent opportunity to establish themselves as a dominant team in the West, if they play their cards right.  So don’t give up on them Suns fans!  But do what we need to do and support them throughout the season. What we don’t need are bandwagon fans who have thrown their hands up and aren’t happy about losing Steve Nash and will cry and whine all season long about the good old days of the 7 second or less teams.  Believe me, one year ago I was less optimistic over what the Phoenix Suns were going to do and how I feel about this year. That’s something that we need to stay focused on and cheer for our beloved Phoenix Suns.


Let me know what you think of this article and what the Suns are going to do this coming season by leaving a comment below. And as always thank you for your continued support.



     October 11, 2012

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