PhoenixSuns- Upcoming Draft

June 25, 2012


PhoenixSuns- Upcoming Draft


As the 2012 draft closes in, the Phoenix Suns continue their silence as far as what the future holds with Steve Nash. It still appears that the tail continues to wag the dog and the Phoenix Suns are biding their time waiting for another superstar to make up their mind. All they would have to do is call me and I could make the decision for them to let Steve Nash go and work assigned trade deal before it’s too late, so the Suns can get something for their superstar instead of bupkus, like they did for Amare.


The Suns have been eyeballing some young draft picks and have had a few workouts with players that they’re interested in. That’s all well and good but bottom line is we have no idea what the Phoenix Suns are going to do on draft day. I myself would like to see them pursue a power forward with our draft pick for the simple reason we don’t have one. The Sun’s brain trust for this undertaking I am not comfortable with either. Last year’s pick turned out to be fairly good and was a pleasant surprise so I’m not willing to say that the Suns will end up with a horrible choice. I would be comfortable in saying that if we still had Steve Kerr as general manager. The Suns are in the position that they’re in because of Steve Kerr’s inept leadership and inability to sign players of value. Kerr chose the route of bringing in a bunch of retreads and contract buyout players. None of those are conducive for bringing about a successful NBA franchise.

The Suns as it stands right now are locked into a number of expensive contracts and the chances on dealing these players are slim. These players are not in demand in their contracts are big and their production has been minimal. Nothing personal against these gentlemen but the bottom line is we are a far cry away from being a team that’s going to compete for a championship. It aggravates me to no end to hear people talk about doing what we got to do to make the playoffs when in reality we simply aren’t good enough to go very far even if we do make the playoffs.


I’ve always been the sort of athlete that can play many different sports but regardless of the sport I was in it to win. I don’t put a lot of stock in moral victories and generally the main thing I learned from losing is that it sucks and I don’t want to do it again. You learn far more from winning then you do losing.  As much as we all hate the Lakers, their ownership is committed to winning championships. Yes they have the best players and they do what it takes to put themselves in a position of winning.


When Jerry Colangelo owned the Phoenix Suns he was committed to that as well. Unfortunately, Jerry’s pockets weren’t as deep as the Lakers.  Jerry Colangelo had a great eye for talent and had the ability to bring in good people within the organization. I long for the day to where the Phoenix Suns are the benchmark for professional sports in the valley. Now statistically anyway, according to a recent poll, the Phoenix Suns were voted the least likely to win a championship here in the valley. Supposedly this disturbed some of the Phoenix Suns brass so hopefully they took it personally and actually do something about it.

Quite honestly I’m not very confident going into this draft because of the statements of some of the Phoenix Suns hierarchy and what they plan on doing for the future. Any time management comes out and tells the fans that they must be patient is a sure sign of trouble. In this day and age of free agency, at any time we should be able to secure a player that is vital to our future. But in the Sun’s case are a significant number of players, bench players in particular, which have expensive contracts and the chances on other teams desiring them, is slim. These contracts also eat up a large portion of our free-agent cap space, which dictates what we do in free agency.


Bottom line to all this is that we as fans simply don’t know what the Suns are going to do this upcoming draft and off-season and that’s disturbing for most. So as we watch the Miami Heat celebrate their second world championship of the city that started with absolutely nothing and haven’t been in business all that long, we look at the Suns who have a long history dating back to the 60s fielding teams that fall short. I realize that we always can’t win a championship, but one would be nice. At least for the moment it would shut those Laker fans up considering their neck deep in trouble as it is.


Now is the time for the Suns to step up because the Pacific division in the Western Conference is wide open for the taking. We’ve seen the Los Angeles Clippers, who have been in the NBA bottom feeders for decades within one year, step up make the playoffs and become a contender. I repeat this happened in one year because of one good draft pick in one good free-agent signing. So this is not beyond the realm of possibility for the Suns doing that as well. Am I confident? Absolutely not, but will give that an official we’ll see. I truly hope the Suns are able to step up and pull off a trade and get some draft picks like what they did years back when they brought Kevin Johnson to the team. But that seems like such a long time ago and I’m just not feelin’ it.


I like to know what you think about the article. Leave me a comment below or e-mail me at  Thanks for taking the time to read my articles I appreciate it and I look forward to the next issue.


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