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The coolest thing about my job writing for Phoenix.org is that I get the chance to interact with some of the coolest people. For this edition of “On That Note” I got the chance to interview Tammy Z, a local artist in the Phoenix area.


In speaking with Tammy, the very first thing that comes across is her versatility to provide her act in any given venue, a key ingredient for any successful artist.  This is demonstrated by their upcoming gig.  Tammy’s band “Z” which is the full band, will be performing at halftime at the Phoenix Mercury game this coming Saturday night, August 25th at the US Airways Arena in downtown Phoenix.  The game starts at 7pm and the Mercury has extended a ticket special to Tammy and her fans.  The regular price of the ticket is $33 and has been reduced to $20 and kid’s tickets go for $10.  So whether you’re a Tammy Z fan or a Mercury fan, contact Tammy at TammyZ@tammyzmusic.com.  Tammy received a limited number of tickets and are going fast so I encourage you to contact her and she’ll get in touch with you.


I believe that musicians that get to play these sorts of events just don’t happen to stumble onto them by accident.  In talking with Tammy she was very open and candid about what younger musicians should do to establish their music careers.  It’s refreshing to meet artists like Tammy because the music industry, even within a city can be a very dog eat dog environment.  I have known talented musicians that wouldn’t give two hoots about whether younger musicians fail or succeed because it has nothing to do with them. But anytime an experienced artist is willing to share life lessons with younger, up and coming artists, they should carry a pen and paper around with them or to bring it into the new millennium, have their iPhones handy to record the conversation.


Tammy is also willing to do more than just share insight; she’s willing to share the stage as well.  She encouraged young folk to do as many open mic nights as possible.  But she went on to share that at times she’ll even invite other musicians sitting in the audience to come up on stage with her.  That’s an aspect of that refreshing I spoke of earlier.  Musicians are notorious egomaniacs and if the spotlight isn’t shining on just them, they become combative or “artsy” and flame off somewhere.


Being a product of the 60’s myself, Woodstock was this shining example of what can happen when musicians come together for a greater cause than themselves and celebrate the gifts and talents people possess.


Tammy went on to share more of her recommendations for young artists. She mentioned about using open mic nights and any event or venue they can play to allow the stage to become their second home.  We all know what a challenge it is to practice together but to take that act in front of an audience can be a lesson in intestinal fortitude.


She also encourages young artists to develop their ear through avenues like playing along with the radio and listen to groups like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Beach Boys.  Their songs are still so strong in influence and music today.  Through these experiences one can develop that wow factor that will get people’s attention. It’s through that Tammy believes that you can begin to network with people and establish those bridges between one venue to another.  She also expressed the importance about not burning any of those bridges when things may turn out differently than what was intended.


Through these different inroads to success, Tammy feels that artists can produce the sensitivity to know the demographic they’re playing for.  These are some of the core beliefs Tammy Z brings to her shows and whether she’s playing a solo gig or a duet or her full band, the passion she has for her music is conveyed to all those who are listening.


As with most musicians, Tammy’s goal is to be a full time performing artist.  She remains open-ended in that goal but prefers it to be a short term goal instead of a long term, because we all understand that “sooner the better” works well for musicians.  Below is the band bio and the link to their website, check it out!





The winning recipe for The Tammy Z Band started with “chef” Tammy Z, who longed to share her love of music, writing, and performance with the world. She brings a contagious enthusiasm to any music that she is serving up! In forming The Tammy Z Band, she has created the perfect blend of delectable music.


The recipe is as follows: Take Dave Matthews and blend with Fleetwood Mac, Jewel and Melissa Etheridge. Gently fold in a dash of Motown, a pinch of country, a smidge of rock & roll, a dusting of blues, and then toss in some oldies. Mix with soul-felt acoustic guitar rhythms, smooth bass lines, catchy drum grooves and tight harmonies. Sprinkle on some memorable original tunes, strong lead vocals, dynamics and sincere smiles. Add a healthy dollop of fun. Place in Phoenix, Arizona, bake for 7 months, and you have The Tammy Z Band!


This dish is popular and versatile, and has been served at such places as Hard Rock Café, Casey Jones, Old Pueblo Café, Paradise Lounge, Z Pizza, Cody’s, The Wigwam Resort, and private parties. Pairs well with beer, wine, soda, or even just a tall glass of water. Great to share with friends or to enjoy alone!


http://www.tammyzmusic.com/           www.facebook.com/tammyzmusic


In closing, Tammy Z Music an example of steadfast devotion to what her and her band members believe.  The old adage that “the road to success is always under construction” does hold a lot of truth to it but I’d also like to believe that like any other road trip, ya got some great tunes cranked up for the journey.


Tammy Z Music is always available for hire so whether you have a small function or a larger venue, I encourage you to contact her through her website.  It won’t take long before you realize as I did that she loves what she does and it’s an expression of herself rather than a chance to make money and that always is a great foundation to build from.  Good luck this Saturday Tammy!  Go Mercs!



I’d like to hear from you about this article and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or email me at daleshepard31@hotmail.com.


Thanks again for your continued support!


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     August 20, 2012

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