Five Year Old Piano Moving Prodigy

Five Year Old Piano Moving Prodigy


It’s not too uncommon to hear tale of a piano playing prodigy being born to music loving parents someone around the globe. Tales of five year old children composing unique and complicated sonatas and orchestrations have captivated our ears since the birth of Mozart over 250 years ago. With that said it’s much less common to hear tell of a different type of piano prodigy, how about a Piano Mover prodigy?


That exact thing happened to Wallace and Barbara Frampton, residents of Glendale, Arizona in May of this year. Wallace, the owner of Perfect Piano Moving and Relocation Service was stunned when he came home one day, after moving a piano into a Chandler Insurance Agency to find his own families piano, a mid size Oak paneled upright, sitting in the front yard.


“It was amazing! I pulled into the driveway and was shocked to see our piano, which is normally resting peacefully in our living room, standing all by itself on top of my wife’s tulip garden. I asked Barb what was going on and she swore to me that she’d had nothing to do with it, that little Arnie had moved it all by himself” said Wallace Frampton from the back porch of his Glendale home.


“It’s true! I was in the back room watching Oprah reruns when I hear some grunting coming from the front room. I worried that something was wrong and I ran out to check on things just in time to see little Arnie pushing the piano out the front door. I stayed quiet, just to see what would happen, and within 90 seconds he’d moved the piano out the door and right on top of my petunia’s like he knew exactly what he was doing! I just knew his father would be so proud!”


Moving a piano is hard work, as anyone who has ever dropped their shoulder behind one would know, so a five year old moving a full size instrument from the family room to the flower garden without any help shows an instinctual degree of strength.


“It’s not just a strength game though” said Wallace to this reporter. “There is a lot of knowledge needed to get pianos sliding across the floor, or around tight corners. The corner on our front porch would be a real tricky one, we used three friends from the church to help us move it in. I just wish I could have seen how he got it out all by himself. Sheesh! That’s one talented boy we have and if you ask me he’s got a bright future ahead of him in the piano moving business.”


So far little Arnie has shown some degree of limitation however. Last week his father had him train by pushing the family car around the block. According to Wallace little Arnie only made it half way around the block before the sound of the ice cream truck sent him racing away from the car, causing it to roll backward down a steep hill and into a power converter.


“He’s just young in the mind now, that’s all” said Barbara, Arnie’s mother. “We’ll train that out of him and by this time next year we’ll have ourselves a genuine piano moving five year old.” When reminded by this reporter that in one year Arnie would be six, not five, Barbara laughed.


“Yes, but don’t tell Arnie that, we keep telling him that age is just a number!”


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     September 12, 2012

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