Haus 109

Downtown Mesa’s newest venue ready to host small gatherings of just about any kind.

Haus 109 is a quaint 2,100-square-foot house at 109 W. University Drive in Mesa owned by Jarrod Martinez, who also owns nearby Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea and Gallery.

Martinez began pursuing his new venture in January with no idea where it would go except to better the community.

“We’re just trying to liven up the corner,” Martinez says. “Liven up a place that’s needed life for a long time and just kind of bring life to the community, and it’ll bring up another fun little spot to hang out in Downtown Mesa.”

Just a 10-minute walk from Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea and Gallery coffee shop on Main Street, the venue sits off the beaten path.

Though Martinez has put some thought into making it a wine bar or “little wine house,” he’s still thinking through its future.

“I’m starting as a venue and see what direction it takes me,” Martinez says. 

For now, the dust has settled from the minor renovations inside and the 35 gallons of “Divine Wine” paint dried on the exterior.

The website has launched online, allowing people to make reservations for their next birthday, anniversary, wedding reception or company “meet and greet.” 

Much like the recent ribbon cutting the Mesa Chamber of Commerce held at Haus 109, the parties that can be hosted there can’t be too big.

The venue can best accommodate a maximum 50 people “comfortably inside,” Martinez says.

With Haus 109’s refurbishing completed, Susan Tychman, director of membership investment for the Mesa Chamber, says everyone at ribbon cutting “just loved it.”

She added that the chamber even is considering hosting one of its morning events there this year.

“They’ve done a great job in refurbishing the home and everything,” Tychman says. “So, everyone’s just very positive about this.”

Martinez says he doesn’t know what the future will bring feels that it’s nice to have done something in the community.

“I’m thankful that it can be a venue right now, but ultimately, it could grow into a place being open all the time,” he says.

Haus 109

109 W. University Drive

Mesa, AZ 85201