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Sound the Alarm: Sleeping with Sirens will throw new songs into its set list

Sleeping with Sirens

After two years off the road, Sleeping with Sirens rhythm guitarist Nick Martin says touring across the United States feels new.

“It’s interesting because I think with having close to two and a half years off, we’re rusty,” says Martin, whose band plays the Marquee Theatre on August 2.

“Just the thought of being on tour is a new idea for us because we haven’t been able to do that.”  

However, Martin says he is anxious to return to the stage alongside his bandmates — who he considers to be his brothers. 

“We’re ready to have fun again,” Martin says. “As a band, we’re like brothers and we miss being able to do our thing as a family.”

Leading up to the tour, Sleeping with Sirens ramped up rehearsals and curated a set list that Martin says will bring vivacity into each venue on its two-month jaunt.

“It’s a pretty high-intensity set,” Martin says. “We’re a band that likes to put on a show that leaves fans feeling exhausted — in a really good way.” 

Adding to the ante, Sleeping with Sirens hopes to include as much of its discography as possible into its headlining set. Martin also teased new music.

“We’re pulling out a lot of songs throughout our whole catalog and playing all of the fan favorites and we just might be playing a new song or two,” Martin says with a wink.

Martin is also eager to bring back songs off of the band’s most recent complete work, 2019’s “How it Feels to be Lost…” 

“We only got to tour on ‘How it Feels to be Lost…’ for about three months and then that was it,” he says. “We’re excited to revisit that album on this tour but also potentially showcase some of the stuff that we’ve been working on.” 

Although much of the past year has been devoted to writing and recording new material for its next album, “Complete Chaos” — which is due October 14 — Martin is excited to bring a nostalgic feel to the shows.

“It’s interesting because I love playing the old songs, like ‘If You Can’t Hang’ and ‘If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn,’ but being fortunate enough to play new material, it’ll be fun to showcase what we’ve been working on,” he says. 

Even though Martin shares the mic with lead vocalist Kellin Quinn, who is notorious for his leggero tenor vocal range, he admits that his favorite voice is that of fans who sing along.

“I think it’s amazing when I can hear the voices of others when we’re playing,” Martin says. “I wear in-ear monitors, and if I can hear the crowd through that, it lets me know that the engagement is pretty crazy.” 

To ramp up the crowd, Martin engages the audience — sometimes even by marching his way through the crowd. 

“I do what I can at every single show to make as many connections as I can with our audience as possible,” he says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re standing in the back and chilling or if you’re the person in the front row jumping around and singing to every single song — everyone is different at shows, and that’s always an exciting thing to see.”

Martin says he hopes his stage persona and his band’s discography help to create an inclusive environment for fans in attendance.

“People can expect (to have) so much fun,” he says. “We want people to walk away with a smile on their face and knowing that they can be themselves at their shows and that they’re a part of the Sirens family.” 

After the tour, Sleeping with Sirens will celebrate the release of “Complete Collapse” with festivals like When We Were Young in Las Vegas.

“We’re focused on the new album, and we’ll tell people during the tour about the stuff we’ve been working on for over a year,” Martin said. “This music is extremely special and has a lot of surprises that I think people are going to be really excited about.”

Sleeping With Sirens w/Point North and Garzi

WHEN: 6 p.m. Tuesday, August 2

WHERE: Marquee Theatre, 730 N. Mill Avenue, Tempe

COST: Tickets start at $27.50