Phoenix Theatre Company

Middle school, high school and college students with ID can buy $15 tickets to Phoenix Theatre Company shows an hour prior to start time. 

“The student rush program is something that we have specifically for people who have a student ID,” says Lorin Phillips, the company’s assistant box office manager. 

“I think, initially, it was intended for college-aged students or maybe high school-age students, but it’s become something that we will honor for anybody with a student ID.”

Phillips says the program was started to attract a younger crowd. 

“We wanted people of a younger age to also be able to see our shows during the school year and be involved with theater all year round,” Phillips says.

“The student price really helps with that.” 

The Phoenix Theatre Company has witnessed an uptick in students attending shows due to word of mouth. 

“I started here as a student myself, where I was working part time, and so I had a lot of friends who would come to the theater to use the student rush program,” she says. 

“A lot of times, especially during the school year, it’d be every night we would have some students coming up — especially if it was a show that was really popular toward a younger age. So, I’ve seen it grow for sure.”

The Phoenix Theatre Company has a Young Ambassador Society program, which offers $39 tickets to adults under the age of 40 for all shows from Tuesday to Friday. 

“We have lots of conversations with people who don’t realize that this program is available,” Philips says. 

“They may have been a little bit dissuaded by our regular ticket prices, but when we have a conversation that this program is available, suddenly they’re much more excited. I think more people are actually asking for it on the phone. It’s something that they will call and ask us about. I think that just having more word of mouth has been great for that program (as well).”

She also said that there are “some really exciting shows coming up.” Specifically, she mentioned three shows that both the Student Rush program and the Young Ambassador Society program could attend.

“The next show that we’re doing, after ‘An American in Paris’ is ‘The Last Five Years,’ which I found to be very popular with people who are students around my age or younger,” she says. 

“It’s a little bit more of a mature story, but I feel like the college-age crowd has really connected with that musical. It’s a very beautiful musical.

“Another really exciting show that is coming up is ‘The Prom,’ which is perfect for high school age and anybody else who just wants to see a beautiful love story and a story of acceptance,” she says. 

Phillips calls it a “very high-energy show” that’s perfect for those in high school. 

“Then we’ll be having ‘Dream Girls,’ which is an incredible show full of glitz and glamor,” she adds. 

“It’s just a really beautiful story. So, there are lots of things to get excited about.”

Phoenix Theatre Company

1825 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix