By Alex Gallagher

Much like the name suggests, the shock-metal outfit Nekrogoblikon mixes theatrics and humor.

For its forthcoming tour, guitarist Alex Alereza says it’s pairing with a similar act, GWAR.

“In terms of how we fit in with GWAR, we have the theatrics, but we offer it in a different direction and avoid being redundant to GWAR,” Alereza says.

Nekrogoblikon is touring behind its latest album, “The Fundamental Slimes and Humors.” Alereza is excited to break out the tracks he and his bandmates spent the pandemic recording.

“We had a lot of songs, a lot of ideas and we pruned the best in our opinion,” he says. “We recorded the album throughout the pandemic, and we recorded it piece by piece as we decided we wanted each song on the album. It wasn’t recorded in one go like most of our recordings are.”

While Alereza is smitten with the music he aided in arranging, no one is more emphatic about their love of “The Fundamental Slimes and Humors” than “hype goblin” John Goblikon.

“This album is the greatest album of all time,” Goblikon says ecstatically. “When I heard this album, I had a full head of hair and it melted right off. All the cares and stresses from the pandemic are going to instantly go away when you hear this album. This album is next level.” 

Nekrogoblikon takes its craft to the next level by building on the metal elements it debuted on its 2013 EP titled “Power.”

“This album continues what was started over the course of our last few albums, especially ‘Power’ where we had a pivotal change of direction where we maintained every aspect of the sound and dialed it in further,” Alereza says.

Because of this, Alereza is curious about the songs fans will gravitate toward. However, the band only has a 30-minute set, which makes it tough to assemble a retrospective show. There also has to be enough time in between songs for vocalist Nicky Calonne to generate laughs from the crowd.

“The music is very rehearsed and composed meticulously but on the other hand, Nicky’s stage banter is completely unrehearsed and different every show based on whatever funny ideas strike him at the moment,” Alereza says.

No matter what songs snake into the setlist when the band stops at the Marquee Theatre on Sunday, May 29, Goblikon has one piece of advice for Nekrogoblikon newbies.

“If you’re going to see Nekrogoblikon and you’ve never seen us, you should go in thinking, ‘I’m not fond of this face’ because when you enter, it shall be melted off. When you leave you will never be the same internally and externally, I promise,” Goblikon says.

Goblikon also hopes that his love of Nekrogoblikon rubs off on the crowd.

“To be honest, I get to be on stage with my favorite band in the whole wide world so I’m never thinking about whether the crowd is enjoying the show or not,” he says.

“I know that they’re enjoying the show. I’m just trying to have my best life on stage and it seems like the crowd sees that and thinks ‘let’s just do what that goblin’s doing.’”

“It’s like Simon Says with a goblin,” Alereza adds.

GWAR w/Goatwhore, Nekrogoblikon and The Native Howl

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Sunday, May 29

WHERE: Marquee Theatre, 730 N. Mill Avenue, Tempe

COST: $29.50