Samantha DelBrocco of the Champagne Train

If thirsty, chances are that Samantha DelBrocco can help.

“While attending Arizona State University in the mid-2010s, I was lucky enough to earn an internship with PepsiCo, which included working at its Chicago headquarters,” DelBrocco says. 

“When I graduated in 2017, I was overjoyed to earn a full-time position with Gatorade back home in the Valley.” 

Hard worked helped her star rise quickly. Today she is a member of the senior analyst team for Tropicana. 

But that is far from all.

Last year, DelBrocco was invited by friends to Nashville.

“During the trip, we booked this open-air tractor-trailer that has been outfitted as a party bus of sorts, but visually so different than anything I had ever seen before,” DelBrocco says. “In it, we had control of the music and plenty of space to dance and take photos. It was beyond memorable.”

The adventure was so memorable, in fact, it changed the course of DelBrocco’s life.

“I got to thinking about Scottsdale. Could something like that work here, I wondered for several months,” DelBrocco says.

In August of last year, she decided it could. 

“Except I had a vision of creating something on the grandest of scales. Something that would turn heads. Something that would be unlike anything the Valley had ever seen,” DelBrocco says.

She decided on a bus. As in a full-size school bus. 

“I was able to purchase a retired school bus last year, bright yellow and full of traditional seating,” DelBrocco says. “I then spent about three months gutting it to make my dream come true.”

Enter the Champagne Train, which debuted in Scottsdale in late 2022.  

The “train” is the 40-foot retired school bus, but now completely reimagined as a bright pink ultimate VIP lounge on wheels. It features a licensed driver and professional bartender on board. Visually, the interior is modern and chic with pink and white accents throughout as well as a neon sign that says, “But First, Champagne…” and multiple art installations.

There is also customizable Bluetooth stereo system on board so guests may choose from a variety of themed playlists or opt to link their own accounts and act as their own DJs all night long. The lighting on board dims by design, and select windows roll down to allow for a more open-air experience if one so desires.”

“We also wanted to provide a safe way to take interactive photos and even film TikTok dances or Instagram reels for guests on board,” DelBrocco says. “So, we mounted a ring light as well as cellphone holder to the wall of the bus, which allows guests to take hands-free photos and videos with perfect lighting every single time.”

As for seating, gone are the two-person vinyl benches most commonly found in a school bus. The Champagne Train offers a plush couch with seating for at least four in the back and then a combination of benches, sleek barstools and velvet lounge chairs, all pink or white. 

Completely private, each tour can accommodate up to 23 guests, and there are several packages from which to choose. The OG package starts at $695 and is a two-and-a-hour adventure either fully on board or with stops at train partners including Wine Girl Scottsdale and The Beverly. In addition to the driver and bartender, this standard package comes with trendy cups and décor, cocktail mixers, ice, and coolers for drinks. 

“Guests may bring their own spirits, beer and wine, and the train concierge can work with the group to develop a custom menu themed to the occasion, or for an enhancement we can put together everything from charcuterie and cake pops to a train stocked with requested spirits, beer and wine so no one has to bring a thing,” DelBrocco says. 

The train concierge can also work with the group on to add on additional time aboard as well as book bottle and VIP experiences with its partner bars to make the evening extra special. She can even get the bartender to dress in a specific theme to match the evening’s planned events. 

In addition to the standard tour, every Friday (except during the holiday season), the Champagne Train offers its Buffalo Chip package. This three-and-a-half-hour experience takes guests for a Western-themed romp from Scottsdale to Cave Creek, with a stop at the Buffalo Chip to see live bull riding, dance, and indulge in the Arizona entertainment icon. This package starts at $750, and the same enhancements are available. 

There is also a Bottomless Mimosa package, which is available during the day on weekends with optional stops at brunch spots and/or day clubs, a Wedding Transportation package, a Holiday Light tour package and an hourly transport rate. Additional culinary and beverage packages will be added in coming months as well. Also expect other themed rides for the summer months or Halloween. 

“While we’ve had some fun wedding packages and even celebrity bookings to date, notably Kyle Cooke from Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ and ‘Winter House’ franchises, who joineds us with his Loverboy brand of canned cocktails this past spring, we are all about taking care of our locals, especially the ladies,” DelBrocco says.


Champagne Train