Patent 139 Brewing Company

A new Chandler restaurant is taking advantage of some family history and America’s love affair with a certain fruit.

Patent 139 Brewing Company opened earlier this year and has adopted an avocado theme.

Tim Hass, great-grandson of the man who was awarded Fruit Patent 139 for the Hass Avocado, opened the brew pub at Ray and Dobson roads. The menu includes avocado-inspired dishes and drinks.

Just don’t ask for any guacamole: They don’t make it.

“It was my great-grandfather, Rudolph Hass, who patented the first black-skinned avocado,” Haas explains. “It turned out it was actually an accident. He bought some farmland in La Habra Heights was growing Fuertes avocados, they weren’t really growing very well.”

Those, like most avocados in the 1920s, were green. And, like most avocados, they were difficult to grow. He purchased some seeds he was told came from Central or South America. 

One of them became a tree that produced a black-skinned avocado. Back in the 1920s, that was rare and the reason why he sought a patent.

Now, most of the fruits sold, about 90%, are Hass avocados.

“People loved it because of the fatty creaminess versus Fuertes (the traditional green avocados),” says Tim, who had opened up a few restaurants for others in California before deciding to open the Chandler eatery in January. “So, he went on and saw was a big success and submitted the patent back in 1935.

“The green ones are very large, almost look like a small mango. The whole fat content with the black skin is what really makes it the difference. It’s buttery, creamy where the others are a little bit more hard, and not much flavor into it. The Hass avocados, those are the ones that you get a lot of that flavor element.”

Avocados show up throughout the menu. 

“Buffalo sauce (on wings) is usually your red-hot sauce, butter element,” says Jared Martinez, the restaurant’s chef. “We took avocados and replaced the butter on it. It actually created a vegan sauce. So we’re trying to utilize avocados in different ways.”

One of those ways is avocado honey. How did they pull that off?

“It’s bees who have only been allowed to pollinate with avocado flowers,” Martinez says.

“I’m not trying to be the guy who just throws avocado on everything and says, you know, it’s versatile,” Martinez says. 

“It is very versatile in the sense that it’s a source of fat that can actually be used in placement of egg, as well … we can grill it.”

One of their popular desserts is avocado crème brûlée. Instead of using butter, they use avocados.

The anniversary of Rudolph Hass getting Patent 139 approved is coming up, August 27. To celebrate, Tim Hass plans to debut an avocado-inspired beer.

“It’s only been done, that I know of, one other time,” Tim said. “It was at Angel City Brewery out of Los Angeles. They did an avocado ale on there. So this will be a little bit different. But yeah, we’re going to work with some of the local homebrew guys out here to kind of make this a new, special thing, celebrate the weekend. And, of course, it’ll be going right into Labor Day after that. So very excited to give something different here.”

What will an avocado beer taste like? He said it won’t be green.

“It’s actually going to add more of a creamy texture to the beer instead of, you know, some of the IPAs that are out there that are really heavy and hops and bitterness,” he said. “This will add more of a creamy texture with the malt, the German malt. You’ll get a little bit of the flavor, but not much.”  

Patent 139 Brewing Co.

1949 W. Ray Road, Chandler