B&B Cocktail Lounge

After its bar became so packed with patrons that it was running out of room at its chophouse in Old Town, Bourbon and Bones decided to take a stab at opening a cocktail lounge. 

The vacant space next door to the chophouse became a perfect place to launch B&B Cocktail Lounge after nearly six months of renovation on the former site of Cold Beers and Pizza. 

“This is just something that is needed in the area,” B&B Cocktail Lounge general manager Haley Bauer says. “The idea here is we wanted to add on to the experience.

“There are a lot of fine dining restaurants in the area, and this is one of those spots that we want people to come in to before their dinner or after dinner and enjoy each other a little bit longer.” 

Although the lounge was created to accommodate the chophouse’s overflow of bar customers, it was important to Bauer that the lounge captured the same essence of hospitality and luxury that the chophouse provides by offering fan-favorite menu items and putting spins on traditions provided at the chophouse. 

Although dishes like oysters, shrimp, calamari and meatballs are offered at both establishments, the biggest contrast is at the lounge bar, where customers are treated to complimentary slices of bacon served in a mason jar as opposed to the bread that is served at the chophouse. 

“Whenever you sit at our bar, we send out a complimentary order of bacon because who doesn’t want bacon?” Bauer says with a laugh. 

The lounge also marries the best of both bars of its next-door restaurant and the San Tan chophouse by offering nearly 250 whiskies. 

“San Tan’s sells a lot of high-end tequila whereas the chophouse sells a lot more of high-end whiskies, so everything that we carry is a combination between the two stores,” Bauer says. 

The lounge also boasts perfectly produced cocktails for parched patrons. 

“Because of the craft cocktail spot of what we do, everything is measured out to be precise,” Bauer says. “We make the cocktails based on exactly how they need to be made to make them perfect every single time so that every time you come back and you order the same cocktail it tastes the same.” 

Bestselling cocktails include the Berried Alive cocktail that features Tito’s handmade vodka, a Tri-berry puree, simple syrup and lemon juice and served in a martini-style glass with a sugar rim as well as its special Pre-Prohibition Old-Fashioned cocktail infused with 18-year-old Whistle Pig Rye whiskey, muddled cherries, an orange peel and is served with an ice ball or on the rocks.

Although there are several similarities between the chophouses and the lounge, it is the dining menu where customers get a taste of the new concept. 

“So, we have more of a sharing portfolio of food, versus just that normal entree style,” Bauer says. “The smaller plates are nicer because we have so many guests that are willing to come in and sit down. And if there’s a group of four or five people, they can order two or three dishes and just share amongst each other.” 

Although the restaurant has offerings like salads, a raw bar and dishes like wagyu carpaccio, several dishes make Bauer begin to salivate. 

“The sushi is amazing and I could eat it every night,” she says. “And the steak au gratin on our sharable items menu makes my mouth water just thinking about it.” 

However, the signature dish at B&B Cocktail lounge is its “bacon steak” which guests generally gravitate toward ordering after tasting the complimentary strips of bacon. 

The bacon steak features two thick-cut slabs of bacon glazed with a bourbon maple glaze and served atop a bed of hearty slaw that melt in one’s mouth once chewed. 

The menu is slated to rotate every month, and B&B Cocktail Lounge is currently serving customers on both a walk-in and reservation basis.

But Bauer believes that the lounge could become so busy once tourism season rolls around customers may only be able to dine on a reservation basis. 

Because of the growing popularity of the Bourbon and Bones concept, Bauer hopes to see more B&B Cocktail Lounges open at future restaurants. 

“I hope that it takes off and we can continue to open up these lounges throughout Phoenix,” she says. “I think every market that we’ve been opening a chophouse in could also utilize a lounge. I think that lounge feel is super important.”

B&B Cocktail Lounge

4222 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 102, Scottsdale