Times Square

Times Square, a West Valley-based Italian eatery, is bringing its elevated mom-and-pop-style cooking to Glendale.

Now the third location for Times Square, the Glendale location can be found on the southeast corner of Bell Road and 59th Avenue.

The Bell Road location came as a relocation from where the company’s third location previously sat at Union Hills Drive and Seventh Street. Owner Paullette Cano says the new spot — both in location and building size — fits her restaurant’s concept better.

“The Union Hills location was like 5,800 square feet; it was huge,” she says. “We just felt it was good to just downsize. The 59th Avenue and Bell Road intersection is just really growing, and they are just really revitalizing that whole intersection. We just thought it would be a smart move.”

A Times Square customer initially presented the eventual new location to Cano, and when she went to go see it, she knew it was right. The move also put Cano’s restaurant closer to her customer base.

“This space became available, and we just saw what they were doing and to try to just revitalize that whole area, and we just wanted to be a part of it,” Cano says.

Times Square got its start in the Valley 2005, when Cano and her husband moved to Arizona from California. When the first location in Deer Valley opened, it was just Cano along with another server and one cook.

“The market was failing, and my husband and I moved from California here,” Cano says. “I worked at an Italian restaurant for 20 years, and when we relocated here, we relocated our real estate, and when the market dropped, we were just finding ourselves in a situation like, ‘What are we going to do?’

“So, I called up a cook that I knew at an Italian restaurant in (Las) Vegas, and I said, ‘Hey, if I open an Italian restaurant, will you come cook for me?’ And he said yes. My best friend, who I also worked with, was here. With my last real estate transaction, I found a little restaurant on Deer Valley Road and I-17.”

Now with three thriving locations, seeing the restaurant rise in popularity over the last 17 years from its humble beginnings has been a treat for Cano.

“It’s been an exciting journey,” she says. “Just watching it grow and watching our customer base grow and the friends that we’ve made there, it’s a little treasure.”

Times Square is a scratch kitchen. From sauces to cannoli shells, everything is made in-house. For Cano, that, along with the selection variety and distinctive sauces, is what separates Times Square from other Italian eateries around the Valley.

Now one month in at the new location, Cano says the turnout and feedback has been great. They haven’t had to do any advertising, as the restaurant attains business mostly by word of mouth.

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, and it’s done really well,” Cano says. “I think the location is really good. I think the visibility being right next to Walmart is really good. We’ve never advertised in the past, we’ve always tried to have our reputation kind of lead us to a word-of-mouth-type campaign, and it’s really worked.”

As far as overall success goes, Cano says the “unique demographic” that Arizona provides serves her business well.

“A lot of people here are from the East Coast,” Cano says. “They’re from Boston, they’re from Pennsylvania, they’re from New York, they’re from Chicago, they’re from all of the East Coast (regions) that have those mom-and-pop Italian restaurants.

“So, I think that our food really resonates and kind of makes them feel like they’re getting a little bite of home.”

For Cano, the family feel looms largely in the way Times Square treats its customers. It is a model they will continue to use.

“Our motto is, ‘Times Square: Where you enter as a guest and leave as family,’” Cano says. “We really do get to try to get to know our customer base and try to make them feel like they’re at home.”

Times Square

5775 W. Bell Road, Unit 15, Glendale