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Just like the Phoenix Metro area contains many cities, the city of Phoenix contains 15 "villages." If you've ever heard someone from the city of Phoenix say they live in Ahwatukee, Laveen, Estrella, Deer Valley or another city-sounding name that isn't a bolded name on a Valley map, they're talking about a village.

On the map below we've outlined each of the 15 villages so you can see exactly where they are. Click on a colored area to get started. Hint: Zoom in for more details, or look below the map for more tips and tricks.

More ways to explore the map

Browse by village name

To see the full list of villages, click the expand icon in the upper-left corner of the map, then click on any village name to learn more about it.

Search the map

To search for attractions and other points of interest, click the “View larger map” icon in the upper-right corner of the map. This will open the map in a new tab. Then click the magnifying glass icon to perform your search.

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