The new year is already here with us, and it’s time to pack and travel the world. Given that we are in the early months of not only a new year but also a brand-new decade, there’s no other better time of launching your New Year’s resolution of traveling more this year.

Don’t just sit down and worry about where you are going to move this year because you’ve got so many places to visit in 2020. The list includes countries with renowned foodie destinations and cultural hubs. With 2020 seeing significant events such as the World Expo in Dubai and Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, you can expect 2020 to be full of cultural events and trends that will shape this decade. If you are seeking a relaxing weekend gateway, family-friendly beach resort, or even a hiking trip, we’ve got you covered for that, too.

There’s no other better year to fulfill your travel plans than in 2020. Whichever kind of vacation you desire to have in 2020, pick one or more of the following travel destinations, pack your best travel gadgets and prepare to have an adventure of a lifetime. Also, remember to check for visa requirements for U.S. citizens to get your travel documents ready. Whether you are partial to a charming southern town in Australia or a bustling city in Saudi Arabia, there’s always a destination for everyone.

Check out our top five travel destinations for Americans in 2020. Remember to organize your travel documents and book flights on time so that you don’t miss out. So, which travel destination will 2020 take you first?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Many people have described Dubai as the metropolis of the future. The sprawling desert city boasts of sprawling malls, luxury hotels and magnificent pieces of architecture. If you would like to spend your vacation in a modern city, then Dubai should be at the top of the list. Dubai among the few cities in UAE that are very welcoming to tourists. Located south of the Arabian Gulf and east of the Arabian Peninsula, the desert city is celebrated because of its stunning coastline, constant sunshine, record-holding buildings and vast desserts, among others.

Dubai is among the safest metropolises in the Middle East, thanks to its proper enforcement of law and order throughout the city. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about your security while enjoying your vacation in Dubai. Just be cautious of yourself, your surroundings and your belongings, and you will be good to go.

If you are a solo traveler, then Dubai is the city to visit this year. The city is also welcoming to families taking a vacation in the Middle East. Dubai is stringent regarding community regulations, such as food handling. So, you are sure to get high-quality foods in almost all eateries in the city. Dubai is among the best cities to go shopping, for entertainment and adventure and for relaxation. This Year’s World Expo will take place in Dubai, and more than 190 countries will be present to showcase their latest developments in transportation and sustainability.


Australia is all about stunning beaches, natural wonders, lovely cities, fantastic adventure opportunities and the fascinating Aussie lifestyle. Australia is considered among the most remote yet highly developed countries in the world. The country is endowed with plenty of wildlife, a myriad of natural wonders, cosmopolitan metropolises, dazzling beaches and expansive lands.

Traveling to Australia not only matches every budget, taste, age and interest, but it also delivers unique experiences that you can’t get in other countries. From land and aquatic adventures to fantastic sightseeing, there’s nothing you can’t do on holiday in Australia.

New Zealand

New Zealand is among the top travel destinations for Americans. With its ancient glaciers, snow-capped mountains, rolling hills and abundant wine, it’s a travel destination that beats others by a considerable margin. New Zealand is tucked away in the corner of the world and therefore requires adequate planning before traveling. Flights to New Zealand aren’t cheap, which makes it unfriendly to budget travelers.

Even with that in mind, it is a travel destination that Americans never get tired of visiting. If you ask those who have been to New Zealand, they will indeed tell you that New Zealand is worth every penny. Christchurch is no longer experiencing earthquakes, and it’s now one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. Wanaka, on the other hand, remains the best place to hike in New Zealand. The glaciers are still mind-blowing as ever, and the New Zealand forests are still home to beautiful walks. New Zealand Kiwis are always fun and friendly as ever. If New Zealand isn’t in your list of travel destinations in 2020, you should slot it somewhere on the list.


Fantastic food, beautiful beaches and archeological wonders a few of the reasons Turkey is an excellent traveling destination. Turkey is considered as a cultural melting point. The country has a rich history of arts, indigenous culture and natural beauty. It truly deserves an opportunity to fascinate you with its unique blend of charm.

The country has every that you would be looking for in a travel destination. From ancient sites and ruins, blissful beaches and amazing marine life, they’re more than enough reasons to include Turkey in the list of travel destinations in 2020. Turkey recently experienced a few acts of terrorism along the borders, but it is now in the past. You can now travel to most parts of the country without worrying about your security.


Every American who has been to India will give you more than 100 reasons India is their favorite travel destination. The country welcomes millions of visitors each year, and Americans haven’t been left behind. Be it the backwaters, mountains, plains, wildlife and adventure activities, beaches, culinary delights, religious holidays, romantic vacations or wildlife tours; there are more than enough reasons to visit India this year. Most of the tourists who have been to India always finds themselves returning to the country. India is among the few countries that imprint such a deep and long-lasting impression on a traveler. A trip to India is always full of uncertainties, but one thing is for sure: You won’t return home the same after the adventure.