MLB Headshots

Photo by Taylor Jackson/Arizona Diamondbacks

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski | August 15, 2021

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Josh Reddick calls himself a WWE “superfan” — and rightly so. His at-bat song for a bit was “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour, which was also CM Punk’s entrance music.

In honor of “WWE Smackdown” coming to Phoenix’s Footprint Center on Friday, August 20, and “SummerSlam” debuting at the new Allegiant Stadium in Vegas on Saturday, August 21, Reddick named his top five favorite wrestlers.


Triple H

Triple H has always been my favorite, simply based on his entrance music. His intro song gets me the most pumped up I can get before a workout or an at bat, before anything I needed to get locked in on. He was my very favorite very early on. I was lucky enough to meet him later on in life, get to connect with him and talk to him backstage.


Stone Cold Steve Austin

He’s easily on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling, not only for his character but for what he’s done for the sport. He’s a generational wrestler. What a better guy to go against the authority than a beer-drinking redneck, who I can relate to a whole lot. During the ‘Attitude Era,’ he did things his way and he loves to do that.


The Undertaker

When you mention The Undertaker, you mention the best in the business, about wins and pops and celebrity status in the fame area. Everybody came to see him. Everybody waited for his intro, the 30-minute intro. Everybody seemed to get all fired up about it. He was just pure entertainment to see a big man doing the things he could. It was very impressive watching on TV and watching live.


Ric Flair

Some people will be surprised he’s this far down on my list. For Ric and I, we’ve become really good friends over the last few years, since my Houston days and the ‘Woo’ movement. He was a guy I always liked because of his ‘flair,’ pun intended. The way he went about living the high life and we all know about the limousine-riding and jet-flying lifestyle he put on. He ran with it. That was his lifestyle. That wasn’t just an act. He was living the dream, doing the thing he loved. He wasn’t going to let it go to waste. He was going to live life to its fullest in and out of the ring.


Daniel Bryan and CM Punk (tie)

No. 5 is a toss up between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Daniel Bryan for what he’s done being the little guy, being told ‘no,’ he couldn’t do it. I love to see stories like that: the little guy who can’t do anything. Possibly one of the best matches in WrestleMania history was the Triple Threat with Bautista and Randy Orton that he won. The loud ovation he got after winning that title belt was something pretty special to see as a wrestling fan. As for CM Punk, he is known for being good, but he didn’t get the shots he deserved. He’s a big guy, too. He left on his own terms and was doing things his way again. Going against the mold, he challenged Vince McMahon to say, ‘I’m the best in the world, in everything I do.’ He’ll prove it to you, whether I like it or not. All those guys I’ve listed were a pleasure to meet and most of them are pretty decent friends.